What is the best office chair for your desks in the office?

Choosing the best office chairs for your tables is as important as choosing the right desk for working. This is not a simple task and undertaking because a lot of factors need to be considered. Primarily, choosing the best office chairs for your desk should be defined by the level and amount of productivity, posture-friendly, and comfortability it can benefit to the users and the company most importantly. Upon sitting in an office chair most of the days, if one is not comfortable, the worker would likely get lazy, unsettled, and unfocused. It is the company that will suffer in the end. Office chairs and desk chairs must possess the characteristics of good ergonomics and anthropometrics in order to optimally function aside from just giving a seating capacity for the workers. Here are the most common office chairs that you can opt for depending on the kind of office and task cope you have:

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs cater to the adjustments such as for lumbar, seat, backrests, armrests, headrests, and height. These adjustable profiles prevent the possibility of strain injury and neck pains for office workers. ELY offers ergonomic chairs in a wide array of robust designs that come in all sizes, shapes, and different materials that are suited for the different climate conditions.
  • Executive chairs are standard chairs for the executive office desks because of the level of comfort and experience suitability it gives. It provides a roomy build for people who need more space during sitting. They likely have heavy-duty construction for safe support throughout the duration of the working period. These desk chairs have a higher level of cushion and a taller backrest to give maximum comfort.
  • Conference Chairs, the structures of these office chairs are designed to be leaning slightly more forward to keep users more engaged during meetings and discussions. These have minimal adjustments and with harder backrests. These are not suitable for seating for longer periods of time. Most conference chairs are less cushioned than ergonomic chairs and executive chairs and lower-heightened backrests. These are usually made from hard perforated fabrics or nets.
  • Some executive office chairs and ergonomic chairs can be reclining depending on the design. There are also ergonomic stool chairs that have armrests and adjustable height. Most office chair heights can be adjusted. The ergonomic stool office chairs do not have lumbar support and headrests because these are usually for workers that have dynamic tasks. The backrests of these office chairs are usually very low.



Selecting office chairs would always need to depend on the type of job that a worker is assigned to. Choose cushioned desk chairs with lumbar support for workers who are exposed to intense long hours of multiple and dynamic tasks such as rounds of paper works, computer use, and reading. For workers who can stick to only one course of the tasks for a long period of time, ergonomic office chairs with armrests and lumbar support are the best option. Ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic desk chair stools are also perfect for computer desks. For workers who are assigned tasks that require several periods of standing and non-seated tasks, the ergonomic stool chair without a backrest is already sufficient. At ELY, you can choose and select any office chairs that define comfort and suitability for your office and worker's productivity.