What to Consider When Choosing a Standing Desk?

It is not uncommon for us to sit at our desk working for up to nine hours. Over time, our postures are badly affected with neck aches and back aches being common issues. Employers and office space planners are cognisant of this problem and are focused on improving wellbeing in the office. It is therefore not surprisingly that sit-stand desks, also variously referred to as stand-up desks or standing desks are pretty much in vogue.

Despite its obvious advantages over conventional chairs, there are still some questions pertaining to standing desks such as are height adjustable chairs a right choice for me? will I get used to it? among myriad other questions. It must be said that standing all day is just as bad as sitting. The best option is to change postures intermittently, moving from sitting to standing. Giving every employee a standing desk is often feasible. A practical solution is setting up shared sit-stand workstations throughout the office for people to use them when required.

Ultimately, a standing desk is considered an investment that people would want to use. It should not be a piece of office furniture that rarely gets used once the novelty wears off. Thus, it is imperative that all options be taken into consideration before a purchase decision is taken.

Tips to choosing a sit-stand (standing) desk

Height range

An optimal height range is between 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches. This is dependent on the height and needs of the individual using the desk. It is also dependent if this desk is used by a specific individual or it is for communal usage.


A 30-inch depth is advisable as a minimum. If work on this desk needs to be spreader out then deeper dimensions would be recommended. There are many options for the shape and colour of the work surface. This would be helpful in creating the right aesthetics for the office.


Check out the quality and make of the mechanism. Obviously, a loud mechanism can be very obtrusive in an office environment. Ideally, the height adjustment operation should be smooth and seamless.

Ease of use

These sit-stand desks can be raised or lowered from hand cranks to electric or pneumatic lifts with the latter preferred but at a higher price.

Speed of change of height

People would naturally adjust the height of the standing desks throughout the day to adjust comfortably to their posture if the speed of height change is fast and seamless. This is especially useful when the standing desk is to be communally used by people of different heights and posture preferences.

Electrical power

If your height adjustable standing desk is powered electrically, make sure that electrical outlets are available close by. Positioning these electrically powered sit-stand desks is crucial so that electrical cords are not in harm's way.

Weight restrictions

Each sit-stand desk has its own weight restrictions, so make sure the desk can handle the weight of what you place on it.


Some standing desks are pre-programmable to different settings. It would be very easy to set the proper ergonomic every time. Programmability would also motivate use of the standing desk.