The Types of Office Chairs Needed In an Office

The Types of Office Chairs Needed In an Office

Chairs are the backbone of office as everyone inside the office sits on it for hours to get the work done. It is the indispensable part of every office space. However, office chairs comes in a lot of shapes, style and varieties. Due to this, it gets challenging to choose the one best office chair for your office. If you need office chairs and confused which one you should buy then this is the guide to help you choose. Below we have mentioned some types of Malaysia office chairsfor you to go through and then buy.

1. Task Chairs / Operator Chairs: These ones are usually know as ergonomic chairs. These are the chairs that most of the employees sit on and work. Such kind of chairs are designed for long spells on sitting. It has expected built-in lumbar support, adjustable for different heights, perfect wheelbase and armrests. Taskchairs are super comfy for long sitting and good value for your investment.

2. Executive Chairs: As it name, these are the chairs of premium choice. Oftentimes, it is available in stylish material like leather. These are mostly used for executive offices. The chairs are designed with sophistication so features a high back and heavily padded armrests and seats.

3. Fabric Chairs: As there are a lot of materials that is used for office chairs and the most common one is fabric. Fabric is the most versatile, comfortable and provides good value for your money so it is a perfect material for your office chairs. These are high quality chairs that are cost effective too.

4. Mesh Chairs: Mess adds the most ergonomics to the office chairs. The best part of mesh chairs is that it provides high level of breathability. It is great for adding comfort to your work environment. In fact, it is great for warmer temperature too. For those who struggle in the summer heat in Malaysia, then these mesh office chairs are a great choice.

5. Vinyl Chairs: This one is the most popular and best office chair that is made from vinyl. It is made from plastic to offer top level of robustness seating and it do not cost a lot too. Vinyl chairs are not much comfy but its cleanliness and maintenance is quite easy. Similar to leather and fabric, vinyl is also a flexible option for many different types of office chairs.

6. Draughtsman / High Chairs: These are the chairs that have the feature of adding extra height for the user. Yes, other chairs also have height adjustable features but draughtsman chairs expand this of the feature and makes it a great deal for super high desks like in laboratories and manufacturing companies.Nowadays, it is also a new trend that collaboration and meeting tables are using High Table (+/- 1000mm) and comes with the high chairs for better ergonomic and alertness.

7. Meeting Chairs: Meeting chairs offers a lot of different purposes. These are intended for short stints for comfy sitting. Most of the time you will find a lot of padding and fabric to keep you comfortable during sitting altogether in a meeting.

Final Words: These are some of the common types of office chairs that you can have in your office offering you a lot of comfort and sustainability. Make sure to know which one of the chair is best suitable for your office space, timings and your employees. We offer you the best Malaysia office chair that is high in quality with affordable price.